toy piano melodies

Welcome to the Toy Piano Melodies. (Notes from the road)
These are 7 X 10" oil pastel studies on archival canvas card that I steal on site, when and wherever my travels take me.
These are driven gems, the limited size forcing focus and dash. Please enjoy.
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pete's reef
pom rak koon
"pillbox"; ferryside, wales 2010
"pete's reef"; x spot, wales 2010 SOLD
"launch"; ferryside, wales 2010
"Pom Rak Koon"; Bangkok, Thailand. 2013 SOLD
baja bamboo
nocturne no.8
last glance
"cloister", chiang mai, Thailand. 2015
"baja bamboo"; baja california 2010
"Nocturne no.8" SOLD
"last glance"; arroyo seco, L.A. 2010 SOLD
the strangest time
blitz bringdown the stars and keep them chiangraila
"the strangest time"; los feliz, L.A. 2010 SOLD

"blitz"; Poh Chang, Bangkok 2013 SOLD

"bring down the stars and keep them"; poh-chang art academy, bangkok, thailand 2012 SOLD "chiangrai-la"; chiang rai provence, thailand 2010 SOLD
dudoisuay 1
jetlag ghost

"Buddha of the Bees"; Pisanulok, thailand 2013

"Du Doi Suay: twilight"; Chang Rai, Thailand 2013 SOLD "jetlag"; bangkok, thailand 2012 "ghost"; fukuoka, japan 2012
1 hell
"1 hell"; bepu hot springs, Japan 2008 SOLD
"sleepwalk"; chiang rai provence, thailand 2012 SOLD
"dawn-praewa"; Chiang Mai,Thailand 2015 SOLD
"Du Doi Suay: dawn"; Chang Rai, Thailand 2013 SOLD
canal city 2012 dr. wei's way sasha
"dog day"; spot X, L.A. County2011 SOLD
"canal city 2012"; fukuoka, japan 2012 SOLD
"dr. wei's way"; fukuoka, japan 2012
"sasha sleeps"; highland park, L.A. 2012
evergreen diner 3 fukuoka street corner last bridge
"evergreen diner III"; anaheim, CA 2009 SOLD
"street corner"; fukuoka, japan 2008 SOLD
"donut's"; ventura, CA 2017
"the last bridge"; baja, CA 2011
rapture miyajima pilgrim 2012
"rapture"; arroyo seco, L.A. 2011
"rats"; spot X, L.A. 2017
"miyajima pilgrim 2012"; kyushu, japan 2012SOLD
"absence"; Los Angeles 2017
matins ocean beach cove pouring sun
"matins"; Chiang Mai,Thailand 2015 SOLD
"the cove"; ocean beach, CA. 2009
"swami's"; san diego, CA 2017
"pouring sun"; ferryside, wales 2008
jetlag 2 mex haven salt creek
"jetlag II"; bangkok, thailand 2013
"casa del sud"; baja, Mexico 2012
"haven"; arroyo seco, L.A. 2010
"big creek"; orange county, CA. 2009
watergod fountain under rush hour evergreen diner 4 button
"watergod"; highland park, L.A. 2009 SOLD
"fountain of youth"; los feliz, L.A. 2010
"under rush hour"; arroyo seco, L.A. 2008 SOLD
"evergreen diner IV"; anaheim, CA 2010
praewa weir noodles button swami's
"praewa"; Chiang Mai, Thailand. 2015 SOLD
"weir"; arroyo seco, L.A. 2009 SOLD
"noodles"; baja, CA 2012
"swami's"; san diego county,CA 2009 SOLD
holy cow 3 backwater 2 button waterlilies water under the bridge button
"Holy Cow III"; Pisanulok, thailand 2013
"backwater 2"; arroyo seco, CA 2010 SOLD
"Lives Like Waterlilies"; Pisanulok, thailand 2013 SOLD
"water under the bridge"; arroyo seco, CA 2011 SOLD
winter lights 1 magnet bangkok street scene goat's arch
"winter lights I"; highland park,CA 2010 SOLD

"magnet"; baja, CA 2011 SOLD

"Bangkok Street Scene"; Bangkok,Thailand 2013 "goat's arch"; baja, CA 2011
a golden place parade shanghai street stalls
"a golden place"; arroyo seco, CA 2011 SOLD
"parade"; changzhou, china 2013
"sleepless shanghai"; shanghai, china 2013 "Street stalls"; bangkok, thailand 2013 SOLD
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