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Selah- An Aural Tradition
This installation documents Edem’s ongoing musical pursuits based on an ancient oral tradition, of passed down vocal sounds,
more akin to birdsong that pre-date any linguistic and ethnic barrier.
selah splash

From the ancient Hebrew. Occurs innumerable times in the Psalms; an interlude or pause insinging voices, while the instruments perform alone.
A pause in order to reflect.

In India, where the oldest human gene pool exists, a recent study was conducted on a group that, once a year, perform a ceremony that celebrates
the earliest known form of human language/oral tradition.
This ceremony celebrates a language based on passed down, person to person, vocal sounds; there are no words.
These sounds, it follows, have no ethnic, racial, or religious base.
These vocal sounds are more akin to birdsong than any known language.

Selah is a celebration of my aural tradition.

Selah by KinderCrowdControl™ now available at Scarface Charley Music

Mixed in 5.1 Surround, Selah encompasses a new aural frontier of musical themes and sound celebrations.
5.1 DVD Surround and Stereo mix box sets are available at L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex.

Images top to bottom:
"Structure"; Lydia Takeshita, Director L.A. Artcore; Alfredo Jaramillo, Brett Smith, Edem's musical partner KinderCrowdControl™, Mitch Steele 5.1 engineer and
co-producer, Edem Elesh writer and producer; Alfredo "reaching in".
All photos Ron Elesh except, right image: Roderick Smith.
Edem wishes to thank: Mitch Steele for 5.1 brilliance and engineering wizardry; Brett Smith musical writing partner of 32 years; Mark LaCaba, DVD authoring; Lydia Takeshita, L.A.Artcore Director; Pip Elesh; Ron Elesh for intellectual support and photos; Charles Walker, spiritual and artistic mentor, and Eugene Sotela for invaluable musical support.

An addendum; Per my artisitic statement in which I continue to expound upon my fascination with the mysteries of everyday existence, I had decided (before "Selah" was anywhere near completion) to exibit "One Big Happy", a piece which I had yet to unveil publicly. This piece is constructed using the "perfect 10" Kabbalistic symbol of harmony and balance as building blocks. Suffusing each piece is a symbol I created to demonstate the harmony between the sexagon, or structural element found throughout nature, the star of King Solomon, and the Church of England cross. Zen sefirot. All elements blended together to, in some way, attempt to explain my complex psychological make up. I believe we each carry a unique mark that makes us who we are, yet there is an unseen structure that connects us together. Now bear in mind "One Big Happy" was completed at the end of 2009. The satori (as my light sculpture in "Selah" is named) is this: just before completing my 5.1 Surround mixes for "Selah", there were two last meters to consider in finalizing the whole; the spectrograph, a meter that shows the relative levels of each frequency to one another, and the 5.1 "area" balance, a birdseye diagram that shows the relative postion of sound between the 6 speakers.
This diagram mirrored the symbology on the pieces of "One Big Happy".

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