current work
This section catalogs my works in progress. This includes new mixed media work on aluminum. Using a new medium for me, which is tar and oil on aluminum, I am examining the idea of the the known, or what is written, vs. the unknown. It is not what we take from a place, but what we bring to it. The aluminum is the perfect surface for exploring these ideas as it is the most invisible, reflecting it's immediate environment; what better way to represent the "void" that is all around us.

teaching button jetlag button sleepwalk button palace button
teaching a 10 year old about god jetlag sleepwalk SOLD

palace SOLD

training bond mile training bond seal training bond recoil
training bond SOLD training bond- mile SOLD the flags of summer training bond- recoil SOLD
blue chair button training bond bad guys a fist full of sasha button electric chair

the blue chair

training bond (Griffen's movie)- bad guys
a fistful of sasha SOLD

electric chair

catch button holy cow 1 holy cow 2 lux lothang

catch SOLD

holy cow I SOLD holy cow II SOLD lux lothang SOLD
the missing girl button pom rak koon
firewalker the missing girl SOLD nocturne no.8 pom rak koon SOLD
4spark button ring tone poems
4/spark SOLD The ring tone poems different gods 5 rings
song to saadet button air born 2 button parade button red earth button
song to saadet SOLD air born 2 parade SOLD red eart/glass skies SOLD
happybus lovers strangers resurrection goodyear button
happy bus/lovers/strangers c-horse resurrection 2013

goodyear SOLD

beautiful illusions button somnambulist squeezing silence whet
beautiful illusions SOLD the somnambulist SOLD squeezing silence SOLD whet
squeezing silence hard blister threshold_button 3 steps button
squeezing silence hard blisster


3 steps
footprint button godinthenumbers button passenger button waterbird button
footprint/3-9-13 SOLD god in the numbers passenger waterbird SOLD
rites1+2 button pearl button just south of Thailand button tea for nina button
rites 1 & 2 SOLD pearl just south of thailand SOLD

tea for nina

small boy on a beach SOLD


sanctuary sanctuary II
earthling oddly fearless core here-imperial sweet tin
chasing blue tobacco diplomacy MJ 8  
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